PVC Pipes

U-PVC Pipes (Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes):
PVC Pressure Water Pipes made by PVC materials and produced in the two groups as self socket (with muff) and solvent cement socket. U-PVC Pipes usage area usually drinking water, sewage, irrigation, chemical industry in the area is preferred. PVC pipes due to light and self-muffle features makes installation quickly and provide use. It doesn’t deform due to their resistance to impacts and used for a long time. Because the gasket supplied with the bonding method applicable they do not leak from the outside or the inside. PVC pipes produced as PN 6 – PN 10 – and PN 16 are produced in 6 meters long. In shipments of container 5.8 tube lengths to be produced in accordance with the container size shipping costs are minimized.

PVC Pressure – Drinking Water Pipes produced in two groups as self muff (self coupling) and muff with glue pressure and the thickness of their properties, usually produced in gray and white. The lenghts are produced in the form of 6 mt but the production may be carried out for different lengths if desired. PVC pressure pipes are produced in order to show resistance to organic and inorganic acids. PVC pipes usually in Drinking Water Project, Waste Water Transportation and Sewerage Project, Industrial Waste, Cable Protection – Telecommunication Projects, Chemical industry, Irrigation Project, Mining Projects and used more projects.

PVC Sewerage Pipes:
PVC Sewerage Pipes produced from PVC hard material and used for sewer line, sewage project, wastewater and drainage projects. Thanks to hard specs of PVC Sewerage Pipes can be used safely in the underground which are in the regions of cold and hot weather condition. PVC Sewer Pipe fireproof is the most preferred type of PVC pipe construction industry due to their high resistance and rigid structure. PVC Sewerage Pipes produced in SN value and PN value according to project specification and using area. The length of U-PVC Sewerage pipes are in 6 meters produced as self muff or with glue muff. PVC Sewer pipes also can be used in electrical Cable Protection project because of lightweight, easy of handling and fast installation. U-PVC Sewer Pipe – Waste Water Pipe produced in grey, black, white and orange colors according to project specifications. PVC Sewerage pipes in hosting many advantages and provides ease in using areas.