Electrofusion HDPE Fittings

Electrofusion fittings and polyethylene pipes enable utilities, designers and contractors to create fully welded pipe. Joints are critical points in any pipe network. The production quality, reliability, and flexibility of electrofusion fittings allows you the certainty.

Products in this category:

  • EF Coupler PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Elbow 90° PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Elbow 45° PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Tee 90°, Equal PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Tee 90°, Reduced PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Reducer PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Tapping Saddle PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Tapping Saddle with Gas Stop PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Tapping Valve PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Spigot Saddle PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Repair Saddle PE 100 SDR11
  • EF Saddle-PE Transition
  • EF Saddle-Brass Transition
  • EF Balloon Saddle PE 100 SDR11

More Details

  • Easy installation
  • Rugged design
  • Impeccable finish
  • Advantages of Electrofusion Fittings
  • Superior Fitting Design: Upsurges joint honesty
  • Automatic Controller: Reductions possible operator error
  • Computerized Data Retrieval: Safeguards quality regulator by Joint Data recovery of capacities and records
  • Convenient Installation: Using simple practical tools
  • High Standards: Confirmed by the modern product problematic methods
  • Stronger Pipe Joining: Electro-Fusion superiority fixtures have long diffusion nadirs and fusion zones which safeguard high quality joins.
  • High Performance: Proven high presentation in gas and water circulation and industrial requests.
  • Most Economical and Superior Service

  • Injected
  • 4mm pin connectors
  • 1/5/10 bar gas - 10/16 bar water options
  • Water Applications
  • Gas Applications